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A moist spot had formed wwwbeeg and beeg video beeg blended with the material that was damp from sweat. He hoped that his cock would go down before his friends arrived. It was getting late. The music was louder now and it would be just a matter of a few more minutes. He couldn't wait to lead his friends down the well-worn path that would take them to the campsite. The CD player was now pumping out the familiar lyrics free porn beeg and music of Aerosmith; tube beeg the line "Living on the edge" pierced the afternoon air. As he looked around the corner of the garage, he caught a glimpse of his friends trudging up the slushy, wet road. The camping gear that they carried on their shoulders and in their arms burdened them. beeg com. It was a funny sight. Each head and body swayed back and forth, marching to beegxxx the rhythm of the music and they were singing along with the song. He laughed as he walked the twenty-foot length of the driveway and waited for them to reach him. beeg mature When they stopped in front wwwbeeg of him, he yelled so that they could hear him over the blaring music. "You guys look like a bunch of beeh geese following their www.beeg..com mother." Jared juggled his gear and fumbled with the buttons on beeg jepang the portable CD player he was carrying. Squatting down, he placed beeg hindi it on the ground beeg video and then clicked it off. Matt laughed as he peered over the beeeg anal beeg pile of gear in his hands and searched for a dry spot on the b eeg asphalt-paved driveway. Finding one, he opened his arms begg and his gear plopped to the ground. "Well, we'll be following you to the site, www beeg so I guess that would make you Mother Goose." "Yup," Kyle said. "But I don't tell nursery rhymes. That's your department." "My stories don't rhyme but they do give you goose bumps," beeg indian Matt responded quickly. Kyle chuckled and pointed toward the garage. "I'll beeg mp4 get my stuff and you guys can follow me." He didn't wait for a response. He ran into the garage, retrieved his gear, and then motioned with his head for tube beeg the group to follow him. "Right this way, boys." Matt gathered up his gear again and caught up to PJ and Jared. As they walked through the backdoor of the garage beeg video and into the backyard, PJ broke the silence. "Hey Matty, you gonna tell us one of your stories tonight?" Matt tilted his head and looked up. "Well, let me see." Jared pleaded. "Oh please? A good scary one!" "Well, did anyone beeg coom hear about three-fingered Willie and how he was just released from beeg the slammer?" Matt questioned his friends. "No. Is this a real story or sex beeg is this something that your little warped mind made up?" PJ asked, wondering if Matt was going to go into one of his tall tale modes. Matt's voice was serious. 'No, this is true, as far as I know. I heard my mom and dad talking about him just yesterday." "Well, is it scary?" Jared asked again, a little more demanding. "I guess so," Matt answered. "From what I hear, he did some pretty gruesome things and that is why everyone in porno beeg town is upset and nervous that they let him out of prison." Kyle was listening to the conversation as he led his friends into the woods. He rounded a turn and caught a glimpse of begg the red, six-person domed tent, sitting forty-five feet away. It's door, peering out into beeg x the wilderness and staring at the approaching group, looked like an one-eyed Cyclops that was standing guard and keeping watch over the site. He interrupted his friends. "There it is, guys," he announced as he turned his head to address the group behind him. "Awesome. I want the middle," PJ demanded. Matt hollered. "Well, I want a window incase Jared rips one!" Kyle neared the clearing and slowed his pace. He studied the twenty-foot in diameter clearing and the tent resting at the far end of it. As he stood by free beeg the entrance of the beeg movies site, he admired the campfire ring near mom beeg his feet. The stones, which had been either backbreakingly dug from the rocky, anal beeg New England soil or had had been hauled from the house by wheel barrel, were expertly stacked a foot high and in a horseshoe shape around a small trench that had been shoveled out of the forest floor. beeg. Jared walked past bee him and placed the CD player on one of the blue, plastic coated, aluminum, folding chairs that circled the beeg come fire ring and his sleeping bag and pillow found a temporary resting-place on beeg xvideos another chair. PJ followed Jared and after he emptied his arms, he removed from his pocket a handful of wooden kitchen beeg hot matches and pile of crumbled pine twigs that he had plucked from a large white pine beeg sex tree in his yard. He knelt by the fire ring, placed two large sticks parallel to each other, and then began stretching the twigs perpendicularly on top of the larger ones. Matt paraded past Kyle, poked his head above his overfilled arms, and flashed him a toothy grin as he headed for the tent. He beeg anal groped for the zipper while steadying his gear but he could not grasp the zippered opening. Jared was watching PJ expertly strike a match and guide the glowing wooden stick to a resting spot under the small group of sticks. The pine twigs caught fire immediately and a little flame danced above the stack porn beeg of wooden fuel. A trail of smoke streaked upwards beeg hairy and disappeared into the www.beeg air. He turned to look at Matt beegs and with his hands on his hips, he watched his skinny friend for a moment. "Get out of there," he barked. "I'll get the door for ya." He walked toward the door and tilted his six-foot frame to reach for the zipper. He tugged gently on the piece of b eeg metal and guided it around on its beeg vids track. The door peeled away from www.beeg com the opening and he repeated his steps to open the white, nylon mesh screen. Matt watched from behind and when the door was open, he snuck in front of Jared. Without warning, Jared shoved Matt into the tent and watched as his arms flailed in the air and his gear sailed into the tent, spreading itself into a haphazard beeg massage pile. free porn beeg Matt stopped his fall with his outreached hands and before he could finish his barrage of curses, the rest beegporn of the group quickly gathered up their gear and tossed it on top of www beeg him. Then they hurled themselves onto of the pile, beeg porn wrestling with beeg sexxn each other as they did so. Matt escaped from somewhere beneath the pile and snatched beeg.con up a pillow. He began beating Jared over the head with it. "I'll teach you not to push me around, you little weasel!" he exclaimed as he hit him repeatedly. He would not yield that easily. He reached around Jared's back and searched the top of his pants. He located the top of his briefs and with both hands and he tugged on them with a swift, upward motion. As the material slid between Jared's legs and cradled itself in his backside, it firmly tugged, shooting a dose of pain into his groin and stomach. His eyes www beeg.com widened, as the pain grew more intense. "Okay, okay," he shouted. "I give! Stop it so my manhood will stay intact!" Matt eased his grip slightly and Jared's face ironed itself of the contorted wrinkles that the pain had knitted on it. "Who's beeh gonna show who?" he asked, using an Austrian accent. Jared laughed softly. "You showed me good. You are the king of wedgies." He could feel Matt let go of his briefs and heard him laugh. Lying on his stomach and prone on the floor of the tent, he propped himself up on his elbows and beeg.c looked over at Kyle and PJ, who were looking on and giggling beeg videos from their spot in the corner of the beeg porn tent. He smirked. "What are you beeg tube laughing at?" Kyle beeg . composed his face but he could beeg. com not hide his slight smile. "You just let a one-hundred pound weakling give you a site beeg.com beeg wedgy." He burst out into laughter again. Matt curled his hands into little fists, bowed his arms, brought his fists to his stomach, and flexed his muscles. "It's one-hundred and beeg movies five pounds," he said defensively with his accent. Kyle beeg..com tried anal beeg not to laugh and realized that Jared was right. Matt did a good impression and was funny too. You could not beeg com. make any comparisons between him and his larger-than-life movie screen idol; his five- foot three-inch small and frail frame and his skin and bones beeg x physique were always the gist of jokes. It was nice that the group respected Matt and everyone laughed along with him and not so much at him. Kyle buried his smile for a moment and turned to Matt. "Now stop flexing beeg mp4 before your tear another shirt." Matt inspected his shirt, examining it to see beeg xx if his small muscles had torn the fabric. His examination showed that beeg mature there were not any tears and he scanned his group of friends. "Now let beeg 18 that be a lesson to you," he said as he waved a finger at them. "If you don't behave, I'llllll beeg . be back." Jared reached around his backside, grabbed at his beeg 4k briefs and pulled beeg sexxn them back into a more comfortable position. He rose and brought himself into a beegxx standing position. "I hate to break up the party, ladies," he said sarcastically beegxxx as he brushed himself off. "But let's get things beeg xxx set up before it gets dark." Kyle rolled PJ off of him and watched as beeg hairy his friends rolled out their sleeping beeg free bags and plopped their pillows on top of them. The horseplay made him temporarily porn beeg forget about how dark it had gotten already. The birds had temporarily stopped with their warnings and had found a safe place to hide. Somewhere in the beeg lesbian distance, a beeg sex video great horned owl belched out its who cooks for you call in its high-pitched tone. He raised himself up and peered xxx beeg out of the tent door, surveying the campsite and the collection of things that beeg porn videos had were beeg massage placed on the folding chairs. beeg teen He masked his worried face with a smile so that his friends would not notice the feeling of uneasiness he felt deep inside of him. Matt's pale skin was freckled with goose bumps and beegxx he was rubbing his arms to www beeg com try to sand them off. He waltzed up to Kyle. "I don't know about beeg tube you, but I'm gonna get out of these shorts and beeg tubes put something a little warmer on." Kyle broke his gaze and acknowledged his friend with a glance. He watched as Matt dug deep into his sleeping bag and searched beeq.com for something. Matt extracted a pair of baggy beeg 4k Tommy jeans and held them up to the group. "TA DA!" Matt's triumphant outburst drew PJ's attention. He turned his eyes to the sky, brought his hands to his mouth, and mimicked an expression that his mother often wore every time she saw him with the same style jeans. "Uh oh, the droopy draws." "Yup, the pant's that www.beeg com hang down to beeg x your butt," Jared added. PJ smiled. "My mom has a cow every time I wear them, too." "Stylin'," Jared interjected. "Damn, between my mom making beeg hd fun of my jeans and my dad beeg lesbian making fun of my earring, I don't know who's worse." He pointed to his left ear. "So how's my little fella," he said, imitating his dad. "He just don't understand the earring. He thinks he is raising a girl. I told him pirates wore earrings too beeg porno and you bet no one told them they were girls." Kyle smiled as he listened to his friends recite their familiar stories of family life. beag.com He https //beeg.com returned his attention to the fire and stared beeq.com beag.com into it from his perch near the opening of the tent. He took in free beeg the peaceful sounds of the approaching evening. The swamp land symphony, somewhere in the distance, was active tonight. The spring frogs were xxxbeeg shrilling their high-pitched peep, peeps. The robins were saying goodnight with their familiar overture of repetitive melodic tones. beeg indian The red-winged black beeg ass birds, from www.beeg..com their nighttime perches at the edge of the swamp, were bellowing their familiar cherolees. The sound of the traffic from Route 32 was distant beeg videos and teen beeg infrequent. All of beeg hot these sounds were happening all at once and beeg .com beeg.com/ yet, they were all so distinctive and decipherable. He was in a hypnotic trance, induced by the dancing flames of red and yellow. The smell of smoke caressed his nostrils and tranquilized him into a state of beeg porche bliss. It was beeeg easy to beegcom lose yourself beeg porche and let your mind wander in a place like this. He slowly came out of the trance and returned his attention to his friends. They had all xxx beeg changed and he watched as they slipped on their untied sneakers, walked past www beeg.com him and out of the tent opening. He followed the last one out, zipped the tent closed, and took up a spot on beeg porno one of the empty chairs. "Well, did we come out here to talk about all the crap we indian beeg get from our parents or did we come out here to forget all that and have a good time?" "Yeah," Matt screamed. "Now turn up the tunes and let's get this party in gear!" Jared .beeg got up from his chair and headed into the tent. As he entered, he www beeg reached into a large paper bag and pulled out beeg com a bag of marshmallows. He poked his head through the opening. "Here you go, Kyle," he said, tossing the bag over to him. beeg porn "Get me a stick and I'll be right out." "Sure you www.beeg..com will," PJ yelled back. "You probably brought that swimsuit magazine www beeg.com with you and you're gonna be beeg xxx in spankin' it." Jared disappeared into the tent. "PJ, now how did you know that?" he shouted back. "You'll get your turn to look at mag and have беег your fun in a little while." "No thank you," PJ blurted out. "I like to drool over the real thing." "Hey, Kyle? Did you bring an extra sweatshirt with ya?" Jared asked. "Yeah, I did," Kyle responded. He got up from his seat and wondered over to the tent, unzipped bee it hastily and entered. There, standing before him, was Jared, completely naked and sporting a hardon. Jared seemed to like beeg .com the attention that Kyle's eyes were giving his five and one half inch beeg.con stiff cock. Since he was unsure beeg beeg of Kyle's status to sex and his desires beeg. com for either male or female genders, he nonchalantly grabbed at his cock and gave it a few tugs, pretending beeg hindi to search for his long pants as he did so. Kyle xnxx beeg was beeg hairy excited and nervous at the same time and so that Matt and PJ would not see him, he free porn beeg turned and zipped the beeg 18 tent shut. He could feel the excitement in his loins as his boy meat came to life, stirring beeg mature and straining in his shorts. Conveniently, his sleeping bag was located right near Jared's and as he got down on his knees to search the inside of his sleeping bag for the extra clothing, he couldn't help but notice that Jared was standing near him and bringing his hard www beeg com www.beeg.com cock closer to his face. If Kyle took the chance and licked his friend's hard member, would Jared tell the others? Would he give away the secret that Kyle harbored about his love of beeg gesetz cock? He nervously searched his sleeping bag and stared at the pulsing organ that rested in front of him. Jared stood with his hands on his hip, seemingly uninhibited about his nakedness. His back was arched slightly, projecting his stiff rod closer to his friend, conveniently at eye level with his manhood. Kyle found the extra sweatshirt and stole up his courage. He couldn't resist the temptations beeg mom of having a stiff cock in front of him. He figured that if Jared didn't want anything to happen, he would have been fully dressed when he beckoned him into the tent. As he handed the sweatshirt to Jared, he watched as the boy's hands became unfastened from his hip and reached out to take the offered beeg apparel. Taking beeg xvideos Jared off guard, Kyle swooped down on the stiff rod and took its mushroom head into his mouth. He beeg porn videos began sucking voraciously beeg com at the hard cock. Jared dropped the sweatshirt from his hands and placed them on the top of Kyle's head, holding on to his friend tube beeg as he fed him this manhood. "It's awful quiet in there," beegxx Matt beeg milf called out from near the www.beeg.com fire. beeg sexxx Jared feared that beeg moms his friends would discover the encounter. "You find it yet, Kyle?" Although he wanted the worshipping of his cock to continue, he pushed his friend's mouth from his throbbing cock. "Here it is," beeg sex video Kyle free beeg said as he played along. He was about to go back to work on his beeg anal friend when Jared moved away. "Later, dude." Jared whispered as he smiled. Kyle got up from his kneeling position and adjusted the beag.com rod that strained in his shorts. He watched Jared get dressed and watched as he struggled to slide the hard cock into beeg black his tight jeans and button them closed. Having regained bee his composure and feeling his mom beeg cock soften a bit, he approached the opening of the tent and unzipped it. He wiped beeg.com the saliva from his mouth with the back of his right hand and stepped through the opening of the tent. As a ploy to make his delayed absence believable, he carried with him two sweatshirts. "Do either of you guys need a sweatshirt?" he asked his friends. beeg come "I'm all set, dude," PJ answered. "I could use one," Matt answered. "Well, just don't be flexing too beeg porche much," Kyle teased. "I don't want to have this sweatshirt torn." He tossed the shirt to Matt and then moved back to the tent to toss the extra shirt on his sleeping bag. As he stepped through the opening, Jared grabbed him porno beeg to beeg black one side and kissed him deeply. Kyle thought he was going to faint from the sudden passion that he felt in Jared's long beeg.c kiss. He didn't want it to end, but beeg xxx xxxbeeg if he allowed beeg sexxx this to continue, this situation would cause his friends to wonder about his delay. Slowly, he broke the embrace and smiled at Jared. "Stop spankin' it in here," he yelled out as he smiled at Jared. Aware of what his friend was trying to do, Jared played along, "Oh, eww, oh yes!" he remarked. A chuckle erupted from Matt and PJ as Kyle and Jared returned to their seats. Matt was placing a marshmallow onto his stick while PJ had already propped his skewered treat over the roaring beeg teen flames. The music of Korn blared from the CD player. Kyle couldn't wait to get Jared alone again and continue from where they left off. Although he never suspected that his friend was like beeg sex this, he was glad to discover that Jared liked to sex beeg play with guys too. And what a beeg xnxx beeg. nice cock he had! It was just big beeg-com enough to be filling and just small enough so that it didn't gag him when he went all the way down. He had large nuts and just a bush beeg. com of hair around his stem. beegs As he brought the hot marshmallow to his lips, he let his mind wander and he pretended that Jared's cock was his campfire treat. He opened his lips wide and took the soft treat into his mouth, shoving it deep into the back of his throat. Then he closed his lips around the stick and slowly pulled the wood from the swollen, puffy, golden brown treat. beeg beeg Kyle savored the sweetness of his campfire snack and couldn't wait to replace the white treat with something hot beeg gesetz and white, produced from beeq.com his friend. Stay tuned for more...Any comments or beeg jepang suggestions can .beeg be emailed to Savage8818aol. Please beeg .com put "Edge of Town" as the header, as all other unsolicited mail is deleted. From alt.sex.stories.tg Fri Aug 9 17:31:00 1996 Message-ID: <233331Z05081996anon.penet.fi> Path: nienor!sauveur!fub!fu-berlin.de!main.Germany.EU.net!EU.net!news.eunet.fi!anon.penet.fi ~Newsgroups: alt.sex.stories.tg ~From: an191944anon.penet.fi X-Anonymously-To: alt.sex.stories.tg Organization: Anonymous forwarding service ~Reply-To: an191944anon.penet.fi ~Date: Mon, 5 Aug 1996 23:31:40 UTC ~Subject: Edie: Adventures in Panties and Dresses (1/5) ~Lines: 172 Edie: beeg beeg Adventures in Panties and Dresses Warning! This story has *serious* problems: (1) It isn't porn, it's "erotic realism." (2) The boy isn't effeminate. (I've grown tired of stories about effeminate transvestites.) (3) There aren't any sex scenes with anyone, male or female, anywhere in the story. Nothing but clothes! (4) Everything is consensual!...even when it doesn't look as if it's going to be. (5) The first time he looks in the mirror, he *doesn't see a pretty girl!* beeg.coom (6) He doesn't take hormones; he doesn't undergo surgery. If, in spite of all these appalling disabilities, :) you can still enjoy it...enjoy! When I was eleven, I was the toughest kid in the neighborhood. The one who came home with black eyes (but who gave more beeg vids black eyes than he got), the one who was always beeg mom ready for a fight, a real scrapper. What nobody knew was that this young neighborhood tough liked beegcom to wear girls' panties. It had started one afternoon when my sister asked me to get a handkerchief out of her dresser, and while I was looking for www.beeg.com the handkerchief, I opened her lingerie drawer by mistake. I was ready to close it again, but then I lingered a moment. beeg sexxx I had never seen her lingerie drawer before; here were stockings, bras, and panties in neat piles. I ran my hand over the panties--how soft and smooth they were! I picked a pair up; they beeg anal were a shiny pink, edged with lace. I looked at the part between the legs, the part that would touch my sister's pussy. I never thought of my sister as sexy (I was only 10 and she only beeg-com 12), but even so, there was something magic about that. But there was something magic about the panties themselves, and suddenly I had the momentary thought, *What would it be like to put them on?* Then I was embarrassed at thinking that, and ashamed. I put them back, quickly closed the drawer, and fetched the handkerchief. But beeg porno one day the beeg tubes next week, I beeg free was home alone. (Both my parents worked, and Sis belonged to some social beeg xx group that met beeeg after school.) And I thought of Sis's lingerie drawer again. I crept into her room and opened the drawer again. There they all were, including the pink pair I had fondled the week beeg. before. I took them out. I looked them over, inside and out, and felt their texture--so soft! I беег put them to my lips; they smelled delicately of some kind of cologne or perfume. Then I knew what I was going to do. I took them to my room and took off all my clothes. My heart started to pound as I sat down on my bed, lifted my leg, and put it into the panties. In went the other beeg..com leg. I drew them up. Sis was only two years older than I was, and they fit perfectly. My penis got stiff. (I was still too young to know what beeg indian that signified.) I looked down at them; I ran my hands беег over them, loving how soft and smooth they were. I touched the lace edging with my fingers. I beeg poto was a boy wearing a beeg.com pretty pair of pink, lace-trimmed panties. https //beeg.com I must have kept them on for an hour or more. First I just stared at them; then I went and looked at myself in the mirror--my pale, skinny boy's body with the pink panties on. On an impulse, I squeezed up against my reflec- tion in the cold mirror and kissed it. I would have milf beeg liked to kiss the panties themselves, but I couldn't reach them. Then I lay down on the bed and started to read. Every once in a while I'd stop reading and run my hands over my panty-clad butt, feeling how satiny and smooth it was. I was in heaven. Then I took them off--a sad moment, but I had to do it, because Sis was going to be home soon--and put them back in her dresser drawer, kissing them before putting them back. But this soon became a habit: every afternoon when I wasn't out playing baseball or football with the guys, I would go to Sis's beegporn room, select a pair of panties, and put them on. At that age, beeg milf she wore only white and pink, and most of them were cotton; but not all. I preferred the silky ones and only beeg/ wore those. I loved these secret panty beeg moms sessions, and I loved beeg xvideos the panties I put on. I used to kiss them before putting them on, and before putting them away, just like a priest kissing his vestments. beeg/ This went on for a couple of years. I began discover sex, and I started masturbating when I was in panties. This gave me nervous qualms beeg massage about whether wearing panties and beeg hd jerking off was "normal" or beeg poto not. A couple of times I swore off, but my periods of abstinence never lasted more than a couple of weeks; then I was back in panties again. And everything seemed to remind me of them; I couldn't beegxxx open a newspaper without seeing lingerie ads with panties, and I'd see them and grow giddy with desire. In idle hd beeg beeg.coom moments at school, I would think about that forbidden drawer, and the thought would make site beeg.com beeg my head swim: in just a few hours...! In my secret afternoon games, teen beeg I would keep the panties on until the moment I was back in Sis's room, beeg porn videos ready to put them back; partly because I got a thrill walking outside my own room and down the hall wearing nothing but a pair of panties, but also because it meant putting off to the last minute that sad moment when I had to take them off again and get back into boy's things. You can guess what this beeg.com/ led to: one beeg xnxx day, when I was thirteen, I got caught. Sis must have come home while I was still in my room. Anyway, I beeg come was in the hall, midway between my room and hers, with no place to hide, when she found me. "Eddie!!!! Are those *panties* you have on? What are you doing in them?" I was speechless. "How long has this been going on, anyway?" she pursued. "Look at you! Come on--out with it! Have you ever done this before? Hey!--you must have! That must be why my lingerie drawer is messed up some times. That was you, wasn't it?" I .beeg mumbled something. "What? Speak up, Eddie, for Christ's sake. How long have beeg.con you been wearing my panties on the sly? You have been, haven't you?" On the sly...! She had nailed me; that was just what I had been doing, and it shocked me to hear it described in such blunt terms. It made me see myself and what I had been doing from an outsider's point of view, and I turned pale. "Well...er...I, that is, beeg poto I, um...well, not very www.beeg long," I stammered. "I mean, only a couple of xnxx beeg times...." "It can't have hd beeg been only a couple of times, Edd